Suffragette City? Sugar Baby Confessionals – the Feminists episodes

2018 marks 100 years of Women’s Suffrage. What would our female forebears have thought of the Sugar Baby lifestyle? And let’s not forget that some women don’t have a choice about working in the sex industry. Join the discussion as Sara-Mae, Ruby and Madeline chat to some very special guests in our two feminist episodes.


[photo credit: Rene Böhmer on Unsplash]

Feminism: (mass noun) The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

How does the Feminist Flag fly with the Sugar Baby lifestyle? Do you know your stats on Suffrage and sex work? And can you guess what Madeline’s Masters thesis was all about?

Episode 12: Tipsy Tarts – Feminism: part 1

Listen in as we explore the implications of sugar-babying and sex work. Our sister-in-arms, Katherine Hofmeyr, is our special MC, introducing this week’s entertaining panel discussion between Sara-Mae, Ruby and Madeline! But she’s no bystander – pulling the girls up on a series of issues, not least about how the Holly Golightly/Pretty Woman ideal matches up against the reality of sex working. Just sayin’!

Kath the Ranter

Join us for an enlightening discussion – and find out if decriminalizing sex work in the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand has made any difference to the safety of the women involved in the sex industry.

About our MC

Katherine is a Johannesburg-based writer, editor, sometime film critic and badass feminist. She would most like to be remembered as a bestselling novelist, little-known jazz singer and perhaps someone’s favourite aunt. Since she is yet to write anything publishable, confines her euterpean interludes to karaoke bars, and sees no sign of either of her brothers breeding in the near future, all these remain but distant dreams.

Check out our Feminism references and reading material.

Listen to the Tipsy Tarts episode on our Libsyn site


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