Better the Devil’s Cub you know…


This week, bass player and teacher, Khalid Ham, joins us to talk about one of Heyer’s most popular books: Devil’s Cub. As he’s the same age as Vidal, Sara-Mae quizzes him on the similarities between himself and the hot-headed hero.

Plus, we journey to 1920s Africa, as Georgette and Ronald visit Tanganyika on one of Ronald’s ill-fated mining excursions. As a rhino crashes into camp, Georgette rushes into the danger zone…

Our fantastic voice talent includes Sarah Golding (, Helen Davidge and Karim Kronfli (

Suzy Buttress’ brilliant pod is The Casual Birder.

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Coming up…episode 5 featuring Jane Holland and Alison Bonami on Heyeroes and Heyeroines!

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