Book club episode no. 4: Arabella

Heyer Today, the most epic literary podcast ever made, continues with our 4th book club episode. Our convert tally is 3/4 so far, but will this week’s victims, Robert (Global VP of Finance at Impact) and the very right Reverend Caroline Risdon, say yay or nay to our Regency queen?

Meanwhile, Georgette and her son Richard are in the Albany cellars as the doodle bugs fall on London. Luckily, they’re in good company: no less personages than JB Priestley, GB Stern, Graham Greene, Margery Sharp, Harold Nicholson and Edith Evans huddle beside them. Surely, if a bomb destroyed their apartments, London’s literary elite would be decimated!


Voice talent includes: Hedley Knight (JB Priestley and Graham Greene), Cathy Tuson (Margery Sharp), Helen Rose-Davidge (Georgette Heyer), Holly Golding (young Richard Rougier) and Fiona Thraille as Dame Edith Evans

Remember there are spoilers so do read the book before listening…

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