Episode 7 is out: Find out which are the definitive, primo Georgette novels…

Heyer Today is the ultimate Georgette Heyer podcast. This week, we’re interviewing Sunday Times best selling author Harriet Evans. She’ll be sharing her top 10 favourite Heyers.

We also chat about the perils of being a woman writer, comparing Austen and Heyer, plus dream up new rules for being a romantic hero/heroine. Stay tuned for the Stephen Fry appearance!

Join in the fun by checking out our book list here: https://fablegazers.wordpress.com/heyer-today-reading-list/

We discussed a plethora of Georgette’s Regency romances, including:

  • Black Sheep
  • Friday’s Child
  • Devil’s Cub
  • Lady of Quality
  • Faro’s Daughter
  • Arabella
  • Venetia
  • The Nonesuch
  • Bath Tangle
  • The Convenient Marriage


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