Heyer Today: a podcast exploring the life and work of Regency romance queen, Georgette Heyer 

Last year, we won bronze for our season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals. This year, we’ve given ourselves a massive challenge: we’ve created a series twice as long, with over 39 participants, original music, a cinematic investigation and a book club rolled into one.

And guess what? Episodes 1-12 are available now.  Listen to episode 1, featuring Stephen Fry, here!

As of February 2020, we released half our epic season. The second half is due soon, to be out on a weekly basis. What’s it like? Try a mash up of You Must Remember This, Unspooled and the Guardian Books Podcast. It’s hilarious, poignant, insightful, historically fascinating, smart and full of fabulous guests (who? Glad you asked… only Stephen Fry, Joanne Harris, Harriet Evans, Zen Cho, Garth Nix, Mary Jo Putney…to name but six).

What’s it about?

“I think myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense.”

As a bestselling author, Georgette Heyer hasn’t been out of print since 1921 – so why hasn’t Hollywood snapped up her plots for a big screen franchise?

  • Jane Austen – 6 best-selling Regency romances; 6 major screen adaptations.
  • Georgette Heyer – 34 best-selling Regency romances; 0 major screen adaptations.

One major film producer has been trying to get the first big screen adaptation of Heyer’s ‘The Grand Sophy’ made for years, but what’s been standing in the way? We’ll investigate the difficulties facing film makers when it comes to period work.

Plus, find out what the uber-Heyerites think of Sophy’s choice. We chat to Peter Buckman (agent for Heyer’s estate) about his struggles with trying to get a Heyer film made, and we  chart his journey towards adapting one of her books himself.

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Every alternate week, we’ll attempt to convert people who’ve never heard of Heyer, including comedians Emma Moran, Glen Tickle, Dom Patmore, Rhiannon Shaw and Kate Hinksman.

Discover what Hollywood producers, Australian biographers, British national treasures and worldwide readers think about Heyer’s popularity. And join super-fans and newbies as they discover and discuss some of the top-selling novels of our time – in Heyer Today.

Listen to a teaser clip here

Highlights include:

  • Actor Stephen Fry on how he came to be hooked on Heyer
  • Author Joanne Harris on why adapting books into film can be problematic
  • Producer Andy Paterson discusses a mystery project and the difficulties of bringing Heyer’s work to the screen
  • Best-selling historical romance novelist, Mary Jo Putney, on writing Regency romance through a 21st century lens
  • Peter Buckman, agent for Heyer’s estate, on his joy in adapting Heyer’s work
  • Romance novelist Harriet Evans lists her all-time favourite Heyers
  • Susannah Fullerton, head of the Jane Austen Society in Australia, compares Austen and Heyer
  • Acclaimed biographer Jennifer Kloester shares some anecdotes about her journey in discovering never-before-seen letters from Heyer
  • Fantasy authors Zen Cho and Garth Nix on blending Regency romance and fantasy
  • Blogger Eleanor Turner (Jane to Georgette) discusses Heyer related on-dits and crim cons
  • Comedians who’ve never read Heyer, fall in love (or not!) with her work
  • Author Jane Holland and literary agent Alison Bonami from LBA on Heyer’s greatest romantic heroes
  • Audio drama inspired by Heyer’s life
  • Music from the incomparable Emma Gatrill and Message to Bears, plus original music composed especially for the podcast by Sara-Mae Tuson and Tom Chadd



Now you can binge the whole thing…

The Sugar Baby Confessionals logo with bronze laurel

The Sugar Baby Confessionals: a candid, sexy podcast – bronze award winner at the 2019 British Podcast Awards

“One way or another, you always pay for sex.”

We’ve all read about it in the glossies – young girls becoming sugar babies, swapping cash and gifts for sex, to pay their way through university. Well, what if your best friend – your best, married friend – embraced the sugar baby lifestyle – not by necessity, but by choice? Sara’s BFF, Ruby, did just that. Sexy? Scary? Judge for yourself. In the Sugar Baby Confessionals, the girl talk gets candid as Sara and Ruby talk about love, sex and life as a sugar baby – the pleasures and the pitfalls. You’ll meet Ruby, her friends, her sugar daddies and her husband. We reveal all in The Sugar Baby Confessionals.

People all over the world love our saucy show, with journalists and broadcasters like Bibi Lynch, Rob Crossan and sexologist Alix Fox, describing it as: “compelling,” “beautifully put together”, “beguiling”, “off-kilter”, and very candid!

Remember, this is a narrative spanning three years of Ruby’s life, so it’s best to listen to it from episode 1.

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  • Two brand new bonus episodes featuring Hollywood film producer, David, telling Ruby and Sara-Mae all about his LA sexploits as a sugar daddy, plus a tragic love story of his own…
  • Lush original music from Danny Green of LAISH , the incredible Kristen MacClement, as well as Laura Frances, Ricky Damiani of Mock Deer and Sara-Mae’s band Scarlet Starlings.
  • Guest appearances from fabulous journalist Bibi Lynch and ex-sex worker, writer and comedienne Miranda Kane
  • A special interview with The Brit – Ruby’s favourite sugar daddy
  • Sex tips from a pro (well, Ruby)
  • Interview with a feminist psychology expert who weighs in on the effects of being a sugar baby
  • Interviews with US-based sugar baby, Madelaine, on making the most out of your… assets

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