The Sugar Baby Confessionals Bonus Ep. Part II: Dark Sugar Digestif

“The potential for abuse, and the level of darkness on the [sugar dating] website(s) is much greater than you guys have seen.” – David

In our final foray into The Sugar Baby Confessionals podcast recap, we talk more to David, a Hollywood film producer, about sizzling social issues and cracking sugar date stories. He also continues to grill sugar baby Ruby about dealing with shame, privacy and other issues.

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The Sugar Baby Confessionals Bonus Ep. 1: Heartbreak Unparalleled

Hope your new year is getting off to a great start! If you’re looking for some entertainment to off-set those back-to-work blues, check out Bonus Episode 1 of our 2018 British Podcast Award winning Season 1 of The Sugar Baby Confessionals, where we talk to David, a real life Hollywood film producer who developed an interest in our podcast because he is himself a sugar daddy. Ruby and Sara-Mae interview David about the LA sugar dating scene, mental health issues, the Harvey Weinstein effect, #MeToo movement and much more. Also find out: Where is Ruby now? And what is the tragic link she and David share?

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The Sugar Baby Confessionals Final Episode: The Cookie Crumbles

Will Ruby have her Christmas pud and eat it too? Find out in the final climactic episode of The Sugar Baby Confessionals, where Ruby takes stock of the effect of the sugar baby experience on her life. Curl up with your fave festive hot beverage and soak up the tears, laughter & breakdowns as we hear Ruby bare ALL.

Check out the juicy excerpt here.

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The Sugar Baby Confessionals Ep. 14 – Plum Duff

Sugar baby Madelaine updates us on what’s she’s been up to a year since we last spoke. She’s now living independently with her cat in the suburbs in her newly-bought house. Well, not quite independently. There’s still a very important person lingering on in her life … can you guess who? Make yourself a brew and curl up with this episode of The Sugar Baby Confessionals here. You can also check out a short excerpt here.

The Sugar Baby Confessionals Ep. 13 – Tipsy Tart Pt. 2

In the latest fiery episode of our Sugar Baby Confessionals recap, we chat to Lauren, a psychologist and feminist, about the possible psychological effects of sex work on the sugar babies. Then we explore internet dating, incels, unsolicited tit pics, millennial sex, everyday sexism and why we should combat sex worker stigma, with journalist & broadcaster Bibi Lynch and ex-sex worker & comedienne Miranda Kane from the Good Sex Bad Sex podcast talk. Have a listen on or your favourite podcast platform! Listen here or check out the 30-second excerpt here.

The Sugar Baby Confessionals Ep. 12 – Tipsy Tart Part 1

You can’t afford not to listen to this fiery conversation as we explore feminism & the sugar babies. Are the sugar babies reclaiming the word ‘whore’? What about #metoo, #notallmen, Harvey Weinstein, and the Nordic Model… ? In Ep. 12 of The Sugar Baby Confessionals, guest host and general badass Katherine Hofmeyr bravely takes the role of feminist policewoman to referee our discussion. Listen here or on your fave podcast platform.

The 30-second soundbite is here.

The Sugar Baby Confessionals Ep. 10 – Pretzel

Catch up with Ruby and Madelaine and see where they are after 7 months of sugar-babying – how have they changed? What are the upsides and the issues they’ve faced? Have their sexual fantasies been fulfilled? Has it all been worth it? As we continue down our memory lane tour of this scintillating podcast, find out what FP’s ultimatum to Ruby was and whether or not Madelaine’s decided to stick with sugar babying, or give it up altogether …

Check out the 30-second excerpt here or listen to the full episode here.

The Sugar Baby Confessionals Ep. 9 – Raspberry Fool

In our recap of The Sugar Baby Confessionals, it’s time to hear from the sugar daddies themselves! In Ep. 9, Ruby’s favourite sugar daddy, The Brit, gives Sara-Mae an in-depth interview on why he employs a sugar baby. We discuss his growing feelings for Ruby, while Sara tries to catch him out with every journalistic trick in the book. Check it out here or on your favourite podcast platform!

Listen to the short clip here.

The Sugar Baby Confessionals Ep.8 – Upside Down Cake

In Ep. 8 of The Sugar Baby Confessionals, Ruby talks about the difficulties of keeping her alternative lifestyle choice a secret from friends and family. She also opens up about meeting an uber-narcissist and why she decided to turn him down as a sugar daddy. Check it out here or listen to the 30-second excerpt here. Don’t forget to rate & review us!