Episode 10 – Pretzel


(Theme: Catching up)

We catch up with Ruby and Madelaine and see where they are after 7 months of sugar-babying ? how have they changed? What are the upsides and the issues they’ve faced? Have their sexual fantasies been fulfilled? Has it all been worth it?

Find out what FPs ultimatum to Ruby was and whether or not Madelaine’s decided to stick with sugar babying, or give it up altogether…

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Six sweet Sugar Baby Confessionals

Sugar Baby Confessional confessors … our final six sweet eps are readying for release and will be with you to taste real soon!


[photo credit: Baher Khairy on Unsplash]

Episode 10: catch up with Ruby and Madeline and see where they are after 7 months of sugar-babying – how have they changed? What are the upsides and the issues they’ve faced? Have their sexual fantasies been fulfilled? Has it all been worth it?

Episode 11: hear in-depth from Ruby as she deals with important revelations about her sexuality, her marriage,  feelings for ‘The Brit’ and how ‘FP’ is reacting.

Episode 12: Feminism – 1 – listen in as we explore the implications of sugar-babying and sex work – with an extra surprise in our panel discussion between Sara-Mae, Ruby and Madeline!

Episode 13: Feminism – 2 – a special chat about the effects of sex work on the psyche, feminism, sex work and pop culture – with a feminist therapist plus journalist Bibi Lynch and ex-sex-worker and comedienne Miranda Kane.

In our final two episodes we touch base with Madeline (ep 14) and Ruby (ep 15) to come full circle and find out how their sugar baby adventures affected their lives.

The final six sweet Sugar Baby Confessionals hit the airwaves from early next week – so stay tuned to your podcast source of choice. We’ll see you then!

Fable Gazers


Fable Gazers meets Flixwatcher

Ruby and Sara-Mae has such a blast with Helen and Kobi of Flixwatcher podcast, the Netflix Film Review Podcast.

There were plenty of giggles as we chatted about the many amazing characteristics (in Sara-Mae’s opinion) and also the somewhat clunky plot contrivances (Ruby went to town on those) of this great British film.

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite:

You can hear the podcast on:

Apple iTunes or pod player app



Flixwatcher is a must listen for any movie lovers out there and there are scads of great guests from Adam Buxton to The Standard Issue ladies.

We were absolutely delighted to be included, and hope you love the episode as much as we do.


Everyone’s talking about the best new podcast to hit the interweb!


Hey lovely people –


We need your help to win the Listener’s Choice award at the British Podcast Awards: Fable Gazers Season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals – if you’ve listened and you love it, do vote for it here: britishpodcastawards.com/vote – please and thank you!


If you haven’t listened, we’d love to hear your thoughts – it’s been a lot of work, in all our weekends and spare hours, and we’re very proud of it.


It’s a complete story, so be sure to listen (it’s available on all podcast players, including iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher) from the beginning to get the full effect:


Journalists like Bibi Lynch, sexologist Alix Fox and Rob Crossan have described it as “compelling,” “beautifully put together”, intriguing, “off-kilter”, and very candid!


Here are some more listener reviews: 
“Delusions of grandeur
are inherent in youth
it’s the nightmare
of the tangled bed sheets
the result of reckless actions
that haunts one in old age.” – Bette O’Callaghan
“Love it, well written, presented and thoroughly enjoyed. Never heard of a sugar baby before.” Lucinda Sieger


Sara-Mae and several lovely people like Beth Keehn, Mike Scott are doing all this in their spare time, so recognition like this goes a long way towards helping us to attract potential sponsors – which ultimately means we can keep doing creating marvellous audio stories! 
(Trust us, season 2 is going to be even better *cough* Stephen Fry *cough*)


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Episode 9 – Raspberry fool


Ruby’s favourite sugar daddy, The Brit, gives Sara-Mae an in depth interview on why he employs a sugar baby. We discuss his growing feelings for Ruby, while SD tries to catch him out with every journalistic trick in the book.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

The Savage Lovecast – https://www.savagelovecast.com

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The Sugar Baby Confessionals listeners have spoken!

Our listeners hail from all over the globe…

We’ve been finding the stats on who is listening and where endlessly fascinating. Currently, we have almost 2,000 downloads!

Just think… 2,000 strangers are involved in Ruby’s story. The bulk of the listeners are from the US and UK, naturally, but it truly boggles the mind to imagine, for example:

25 beguiling Belgians

9 fiesty French people

7 naughty Nederlanders

11 saucy Swedes

7 intelligent Israelis

18 svelte South Africans (these are probably members of my extended family though, to be fair)

In the whole entirety of South America, there are a mere 6 elegant Ecuadorians listening.

Why just Ecuador? We like to picture one particularly perspicacious person hearing of it somehow and telling 5 of their friends they just have to hear all about Ruby’s high jinks. What a lovely thought.

Having said that, we wish the single Romanian person listening would shift themselves a bit more to recommend it. It’s far too dreary picturing them in their solitary enjoyment. Share it with your friends, people of the world!

It’s also been lovely to get feedback from our listeners as to why they’ve enjoyed the pod:

Lucinda Sieger (incidentally a gorgeous and talented Glasgow born, international singer/songwriter, and host of the arts event: Lucie’s Lounge)


Love it, well written, presented and thoroughly enjoyed. Never heard of a sugar baby before.


Jé Maverick (poet and writer)


I used to go out with a poly girl, so it raised a lot of interesting emotions/memories…[Polyamory] really wasn’t for me. I have many disagreements with a lot of the premises/arguments adhered to in the domain of polyamory. Not ethical issues, more issues of practicality. I think there is a lot of dogmatic thought within polyamorous circles, which makes it interesting to reverse engineer and scrutinize, but perilous to be involved with if it really isn’t your bag.


The uber glamorous poet Bette O’Callaghan, whom we’ve long admired from afar, was kind enough to chat to Sara-Mae about her thoughts on the podcast. (Do yourselves a favour and watch her amazing videos. She is wonderful, fearless and a has a damn fine way with words.)

Reproduced with permission from Bette.

One thing we really enjoy about this process is that we’re inciting conversations about the more challenging themes explored in the podcast. Issues around fidelity, monogamy and modern love can be highly troubling to many people.
Bette took the time to ponder the underlying complications becoming a sugar baby might throw up to someone who, like Ruby, is married.


The podcast was well done with the mix of your interjections and the music…In so far as the topic… is a successful marriage really built on sex? I am more of the school that too many people are sucked into what I refer to as ‘the Saturday night rip off’ which is a fairy tale expectation of romance. There is nothing in life that is all good all the time. It is clear to me, from all of the people who have spoken to me regarding their relationships, that in every relationship, one person loves the other more than the other. That person tends to give up more.


Is Ruby’s husband, FP, giving up more? Listen to The Sugar Baby Confessionals here, to make your own judgment.
Bette finished her review on a beautifully poetic note:


A more cogent and brief review of the podcast, herewith.
Delusions of grandeur
are inherent in youth
it’s the nightmare
of the tangled bed sheets
the result of reckless actions
that haunts one in old age”

Look out for Bette’s performances and be sure to buy a collection of her poetry if you’re lucky enough to see her.

Here are some of Bette’s videos to enjoy:

Get ready for episode 9: in which we meet the Brit…

Sara-Mae’s been working really hard to make the podcast as good as it can possibly be. However, it’s tough balancing work, music, writing a novel and all the other bits and pieces that life throws at us.

With this in mind, we’re changing the schedule a little bit, so we’re going to release episode 9 next week. Then we’re taking a well earned break in order to prep the last 4 episodes.

Tuesday 24 April – Episode 9, Raspberry Fool – An interview with The Brit

June – episode 10, with the last few episodes coming out weekly after that.

Getting ready to wrap up Ruby’s story is emotional for me, because this project has been in my life for such a long time,” says Sara-Mae. “One of the funny things about this podcast, is many people have certain preconceptions simply from hearing the premise and seeing the name: The Sugar Baby Confessionals. At a book launch for a friend of mine, a lady I was chatting to actually recoiled from me physically when I started to tell her about it!

“No,” she said. “That’s not right.” And then she made an excuse and backed away as fast as humanly possible.

So, to say I’ve been bracing myself for complicated responses is an understatement. But I’ve also been overwhelmed by the kind words I’ve received from those who’ve actually listened to it. So many people have been surprised by their own response to it. One friend told me: “I really expected a kind of salacious, titillating romp…and it has those elements, but it’s also really sweet, poignant and funny.

Yes, we chose the name to incite interest. Sex, as is the prevailing line of thought, sells, after all. But we hope that when people actually listen to it (as almost everyone who has, has told us) all their notions of what to expect will be overturned.

Ruby’s openness has made many people think about their own sex lives. Are they asking for what they want and getting it from their partners? Are they even communicating openly about their needs?

I know speaking to her has had a profound effect on me, but it’s been fascinating to hear others talk about how she’s inspired them to try something new in their own relationship, says Sara-Mae.

Next week, the Brit, Ruby’s favourite sugar daddy, gets a chance to tell his side of the story. But will Sara-Mae be able to maintain her journalistic composure?

I guess you’ll just have to listen to find out.

As it’s Sara-Mae’s birthday today, if you felt like giving her a present, she’d love it if you could review and recommend the podcast to a friend. This podcast is created mainly by Sara-Mae, with the help of one or two other people, and we’re still learning our podcraft.  She puts a ton of love into it, to ensure that we’re doing Ruby’s story justice. We’re not asking for money, but every time you tell someone about the podcast and they download or stream the episode, you take us closer to being able to entice some advertisers into the Fable Gazers fold, and who knows, one day we might be able to work on these stories full time.

Right now, we’re prepping season 2 already and there is so much good stuff, including interviews with Stephen Fry and Joanne Harris.

So, listen to Season 1 from the very beginning:

Or listen on:



Thanks so much to everyone who’s listened and reviewed so far, you’re amazing!

xx the Fable Gazers team


Episode 8 – Upside Down Cake


(Theme: Secrets)

Ruby talks about the difficulties of keeping her alternative lifestyle choice from friends and family. She also opens up about meeting an uber-narcissist and why she decided to turn him down as a sugar daddy.


Frenchy just couldn’t look away from his reflection…

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Episode 7 – Stollen

episode 7 cartoon religion rubypriest copy

(Theme: Religion)

Ruby was brought up Catholic AND as a Jehovah’s Witness. Has religion affected her attitude to sex? Ruby updates us on her shenanigans with the Brit, including a wild night of DIY bondage. Yep, actual DIY. She also drops a bombshell about her sexuality and tells us about her very first sexual encounter.

Books and extras referenced in the episode:

‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate’ is a 1995 book by Gary Chapman. It outlines five ways to express and experience love that Chapman calls “love languages”: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch.

My So-Called Life is an American teen drama television series created by Winnie Holzman and produced by Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. Check it out on YouTube to find out who ‘Brian’ is.

Art by Cathy Tuson

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Episode 6: Sno Balls: He-Man Has Nothing on Ruby

Image of He-Man

(Theme: Power)

“You don’t feel completely loved, unless you are completely known” – Ruby, Sugar Baby

This episode is all about power dynamics – particularly in sugar baby relationships – but we also discuss whether male and female roles are evolving. Ruby shares about her latest romp with the The Brit (it features a giant beanbag…crunch, crunch, crunch). Ruby also dishes on how she went from champion liar liar pants to being 100% honest all the time, especially with Favourite Person. She also opens up about her early relationship with FP and how her sugar baby experiences have positively impacted her sex life with FP. Key word: ravish!

There may or may not also be some thoughts on He-Man’s close relationship with Man-at-Arms…

Take a listen now on iTunes.

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Books mentioned:

Just F*ck Me! – What Women Want Men to Know About Taking Control in the Bedroom (A Guide for Couples) by Eve Kingsley

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