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2019 Indiegogo campaign for Season 2: Heyer Today

We need your help to complete our work on our latest season. Many of you will know it’s long been in the works. Excitingly, Season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals has won bronze at the 2019 British Podcast Awards and we’d love to make season 2 just as good.

That’s why we need your help.

This year, we’ve given ourselves a massive challenge: we want to create a series twice as long, with over 39 participants, original music, a cinematic investigation and a book club rolled into one.

It’s going to be hilarious, poignant, insightful, historically fascinating, smart and full of fabulous guests (who? Glad you asked… Stephen Fry, Joanne Harris, Harriet Evans, Mary Jo Putney…to name just three). Read more about the podcast.

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