We’ve just set up a lovely Teepublic page where you can buy some beautiful T-shirts, mugs, laptop covers and more.

Best of all, our in-house artist (Sara-Mae’s amazingly talented mum, Cathy Tuson) has created some gorgeous designs for both seasons: Heyer Today and The Sugar Baby Confessionals.

Ottilia Aviram is the immensely talented designer who designed our logo art for both podcasts, check out her work here.

Grab your Fable Gazers merch now:

All the proceeds go towards helping us to keep making amazing free podcasts, as well as helping other people to find us.

Please do send us pictures of you in our clothing and we’ll post it to our Insta and on the site. We want to see all our gorgeous listeners sporting our gear.






Season 2: Heyer Today


Who’s your favourite couple? Gervase and Drusilla? Venetia and Jasper? Pick yours now.