Each season of Fable Gazers’ podcasts is a deeply researched narrative story produced to the highest quality. We spend years crafting our projects to achieve the maximum amount of interest and engagement. Our goal is to create work that hooks people in and inspires multiple recommendations and listens forever. Yep, our content is built to stand the test of time and be as evergreen as our subject matter.

We aim to create podcasts that are ever green, so there will always be an audience.And we’re planning on taking it up a notch. Season 2, ‘Heyer Today’, features guests like Stephen Fry and best-selling author Joanne Harris. Be a part of our journey, as we continue our adventures!

We’d love to invite reviews of season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals. Read more about it here, or binge the whole season here.

According to journalists and BBC broadcasters Bibi Lynch, Alix Fox and Rob Crossan, The Sugar Baby Confessionals is: “beguiling and off-kilter”, “thought-provoking”, “charming, funny and candid”.


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Genre – The Sugar Baby Confessionals

We’ve won bronze at the 2019 British Podcast Awards! The podcast is a real-life, serialised narrative story. It’s currently under the ‘sexuality’ category in iTunes, as well as ‘society and culture’.

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We also have a teaser trailer for The Sugar Baby Confessionals and for Heyer Today, featuring Stephen Fry, here.

Upload schedule

We do one season of 12-15 episodes per year. Each episode runs between 40 minutes to an hour. Season 2 is due out in 2019. Season 1 is available to binge in its entirety.





I am highly addicted to this show right now… I just love it.” – Sara DaSilva, Audible Feast

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Public reviews:

Antonia Reed, writer

Blog post: Tough Love and Cake Puns: the Not-So Sweet Story of a Sugar Baby

Don’t…be fooled into thinking this is a shallow kiss-and-tell story. Guided by Sara’s thoughtful and considerate moderation, Ruby and sugar baby friend Madeleine’s stories unfold through conversations with the host, accompanied in later episodes by guest experts and other podcasters. Themes include sex work and politics, women’s rights and the law. Refreshingly, the commentators include women who have actually been sex workers.

The Confessionals quickly becomes a deep exploration of sexuality, psychology, romance and loyalty, and of the many things that complicate these aspects of life…Absolutely vital listening.”


Anonymous sugar baby, via email:

[Your podcast] is such a fun listen. I’ve really enjoyed hearing other women who are so articulate about what they feel regarding the sugaring lifestyle. At times I identify with you, and sometimes with Ruby, and occasionally with Madeline too.”

Poet and fashion maven Bette O’Callaghan (rather delightfully) wrote a review in the form of a poem:

Delusions of grandeur

are inherent in youth

it’s the nightmare

of the tangled bed sheets

the result of reckless actions

that haunts one in old age.


Miss_Troubled says:

5* – This podcast has intimate details and will satisfy your (voyeuristic) sweet tooth but it’s also a thoughtful look at monogamy, feminism, sexuality, and womanhood. Host Sara-Mae asks all the right questions and does a bit of soul-searching, too. Recommended!”


FOReilly says:

5* – I learned loads and was enthralled with the journey and especially Ruby’s story. Really well produced, love this series!

michpsk says:

5* – Wow this was totally brilliant. I loved the subject and Ruby was refreshingly honest and open about one of our society’s biggest taboos.”



We’re currently working on our transcripts. We want them to be mini-novellas, packed with extras so that the on-page experience is as good as the audio side. Watch this space to hear more.

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